In 2009, Bar 12 opened where once stood a 320 year old traditional Sakaya in Sangenjaya known as Hashiwaya.

Alongside a global selection of whiskeys and hand-crafted cocktails, Bar 12 designs a serene atmosphere with hints of nostalgia to escape the noise and bustle of Tokyo.

Indulge in the simplicities of life in this special place, where there will always be a seat, just for you.



Hashiwaya Tokyo 1F
2-7-3 Taishido Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tel/Fax: 03-6450-7212
Hours: 19:00~26:00
CLOSED: Sundays, Holidays (Please check our calendar)

4 min walk from the Sangenjaya Stn. North Exit B (Tokyu Denentoshi Line)
towards Mishuku. Along Route 246.  



Check out our in-house menu for our full Whiskey selection!

Special thanks to...

Design: On&Off Shinji Yamaguchi / Kata Ichiro Katami / SMALLCLONE Kazuya Sasaki
Entrance Art / Logo: ANTE VOJNOVIC (H.P. FRANCE)